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Spring 2006 Gencomm Reminder

The Spring Term General Committee Meeting of the MIT Gilbert & Sullivan
Players will take place on Sunday, April 30th at 1pm in room W20-491.
Lunch will be provided.

Article II of our constitution (below) details various membership
requirements. The short version is that you're eligible to be a voting
member of GenComm if you were a voting member at a GenComm meeting
within the past year or if you are involved in Patience or Mikado or
were a voting member at Gencomm last year.

Agenda Items:
0. Pizza!
1. Officer Reports
2. Show Reports
   -Patience (Spring 2006)
   -The Threepenny Opera (Summer 2006)
3. Show selection for Fall 2006 and Spring 2007
   Options will include: Princess Ida, The Sorcerer, The Gondoliers,
                         The Pirates of Penzance, H.M.S. Pinafore,
                         and The Grand Duke.
4. Elections
   -President (two terms)
   -Treasurer (two terms)
   -Secretary (one term)
   -Publicity Officer (two terms)

Note: If you're planning to attend but are unfamilar with some of the
shows under consideration for our next season, you might consider
visiting The Gilbert and Sullivan Archive:

which contains plot synopses, libretti, and supplementary information
for all of the G&S operettas.

Article II: Membership
Any person involved in the production of a show by this organization
shall be considered for membership. MIT/Wellesley undergraduates become
members immediately. Any other person becomes a member only if the
resulting proportions of MIT/Wellesley students to non-students meet
current MIT guidelines for student group status. Membership shall
continue until one year after the last show in which the member has

Members of the General Committee shall be able to vote at General
Committee meetings and are eligible to hold office in MITG&SP. involved
in the production of a show by this organization, who attends the first
General Committee meeting following the close of that production. The
Executive Committee may waive requirement of attendance at the General
Committee meeting on a case-by-case basis, if more than one-half of the
Executive Committee votes in favor of it. Membership in the General
Committee shall continue until one year has elapsed after the last
General Committee meeting attended by that person. Members of the
General Committee may waive their membership in the General Committee by
contacting the Executive Committee.
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