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Secret Garden?

Would anyone be willing to post the SG cast list? I'm dying to know who's in it, and there haven't been cast lists posted to the MITG&SP web site for years. :-}
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I think the idea behind not posting cast lists is you have to go to the show to find out. :)

Also, I'm not in it and don't know who is, but I was recently reminded of a funny incident that happened last time (?) it was done - apparently "live like other men" was misspoken as "live with other men" and everyone cracked up for a while.
That *still* makes me laugh whenever I listen to the soundtrack. :)
I've been wishing for years that MITG&SP would go back to the practice of posting historical cast lists, so one can say "let's see, who played the Mikado in 1998?" or "were so-and-so and I ever in a show together?"

Also, I think it's more likely that people would come to a show based on knowing who's in the cast, than come because they were dying to find out who the cast is. :)
"I think it's more likely that people would come to a show based on knowing who's in the cast..."

...and that may in fact be an issue. I know of at least one person in recent casts who was afraid of a certain person they didn't want to see attending to see them.

As for historical cast lists, I can't see any reason not to post those. If you go back far enough on the "past shows" page they *are* posted, so maybe the webmaster just hasn't gotten around to updating them recently. It's also possible that's supposed to just be an archive of the main pages for old shows, so they only contain the cast list for shows that originally posted the cast list in the advertisement.
I believe the issue is that nobody feels like doing it, not that they're being intentionally withheld.
yeah, that's been my assumption, which is why I purposely didn't take up that question. :-)
As for Mikado in 1998, that's well before they stopped posting; it says the Mikado was Dave Daly. :)
holy cow, that was a LONG time ago. :)
And what's really funny is that I pulled a random show name and year to make that sentence, without either consulting the website or having any particular reason to remember whether there was actually a Mikado in 1998. :) (Hm, why wasn't I in Mikado in 1998? Perhaps I decided twice around was enough...)
I have posted the cast list for Secret Garden.

... And rishikanta is in it! Haven't seen him in ages! Oh, this is so exciting.